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Recently, I had an experience that led me to a profound transformational life change. I am trained as a nurse and work with different agencies in the healthcare industry.

I was given a case that I found so tough and challenging and I was on the verge of quitting. Out of the blue, the agency requested that I go in and train with another nurse, so I complied. After the four-hour training, I realized why the case had been so difficult for me: I WAS BREAKING PROTOCOL AND ROUTINE. The client had a certain routine and during my initial training for the case done by someone else, I was not informed and instructed as to the exact protocols to follow, so I established or tried to establish new protocols for the client and they were not having none of it.

Once I realized my error, I made up my mind to follow exactly what I had learnt during this four- hour training session. My next shift at work was so phenomenally different, like night and day different! So much better and easier.

Your way or God’s way?

As I pondered on this over the next couple days, I realized that this wonderful experience came because I was following with diligence the new instructions and training, I had recently received.

I realized that if following a knowledgeable person’s instructions could make my life so easy how much more peaceful, joyful and easier my life would be if I diligently followed the instructions of my creator, my savior.

The Lord has prepared for us specific instructions to guide us in our daily life decision making process to lead us to an enjoyable life.

Do you know how to access His instructions and are you willing to commit to diligently follow them to your benefit?

How can we find God’s instructions to us?

BIBLE – God’s Instruction Manual For Prosperous Living

We look in The Bible.

We take the time to open the bible and read daily God’s instructions for our life. Every manufacturer has a users manual that instructs the purchaser of that product the do’s and dont’s specific to that product.

The Bible is God’s user manual to you and me. In the word you find specific instructions that come alive to you and guide you on your day to day living.

In addition, Jesus said that it was expedient that He goes to the Father so that Holy Spirit; The Spirit of Truth could come and live in every believer. Holy Spirit is here on the earth and we can read about His coming in the book of Acts of The Apostles Chapters 1 and 2.

Holy Spirit will lead you into all the truth and reveal Jesus to you. He is the comforter, helper, the Truth. He reveals the Truth to you from God’s perspective.

The song; ‘Led By The Spirit Of The Lord’ given to me as a prophetic song by Holy Spirit is part of the songs in my upcoming album titled: ‘With All My Heart’ due for release in October 2019

Receiving and arranging this song has helped me see how in this last days we are living in, being led by The Holy Spirit is non-negotiable to experience the blessing of God and peace of God.

So, my question to you is; Who is leading you? Are you acknowledging Holy Spirit, are you stopping to ask Him about decisions you should make or not make?

Are you aware that He is an individual like The Father and like Jesus and is the third personality of The God Head?

Make a quality decision to stop breaking God’s protocols and procedures for your life.

Let Him lead you today………..

Romans 8:14

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God

Then, get ready for the manifestation of The Blessing of God on all you do.

For more details about the upcoming album: ‘With All My Heart’

Click the link below;

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