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WANTED: 2 Types of VIP’s God is Seeking

So…. are you still on the run from The Lord?

Yes? Hmmm I thought so, well listen up.

You see, there was a time I was on the run from God too. I didn’t know much about life but this one thing I was sure off,..… I certainly didn’t need God in my life. I thought I could do it on my own. I didn’t see how serving God was relevant to what I wanted to do, how I felt and what I thought was important in life.

Until, God came looking for me. It was more like a stake out or a hunt as it took about a year. Yep, I was a ‘VIP Lost Soul,’ wanted by The Lord and I was booking it; running away as fast as I could and getting very upset with the people who kept popping up in my life asking the same question; “Are you born again?”

One evening, I listened to a life changing message on the greatest love story ever played out on the earth. How The Father, gave up His most precious beloved Son; Jesus to rescue from sin and eternal separation from Him, His most precious creation; man.

That was it for me, I became a captive soul, and I wanted to be. Captured, by the sweet love of my Savior!  Looking back now, after over 20 years of knowing the Lord I wondered what I was thinking to even attempt to run from God’s love?

We read in the bible, the book of Luke 19: 9 And Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham; 10 for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

The reason Jesus came was to seek for and to save the ‘VIP Lost Soul,’ from the weight, constraints and consequences of sin.

If you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, God is seeking for you. Jesus is searching for you. You’re a ‘VIP Lost Soul.’ He desires that you return to your creator.

So how can a ‘VIP Lost Soul,’ running from God return to God?

  1. Acknowledge you have been on the run from the Lord. Stop running, be genuine.

  2. Believe in your heart that Jesus died to take your sins and became the lamb of God, the sacrifice to take away the sins of the world.

  3. Receive Jesus as your Savior by declaring with your mouth; “Jesus, I receive you, as my Lord and my Savior right now.”

  4. Ask The Lord to take your life and use it for His glory.

  5. Join a church to continue growing in The Lord.

So now, just like me you’re now a ‘VIP Saved Soul.’ You’re finally found by God. Congratulations, welcome to the best days of your life.

As I continued growing in my new found faith, I realized, that God was still after me, still searching my heart, and checking to see if I have the heart of a ‘VIP Spirit and Truth Worshiper.’

You see God is seeking such people to worship Him.

The scripture says: John 4:23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

You see a true worshiper, worships God in spirit and in truth.

But, what, you might ask, does that mean?

True worship is not a physical posture or stance. Rather it is a position of the heart. It includes outbursts of praise to God from the spirit of a man and the adoration and genuine expression of gratitude and thanksgiving to God. You might be standing, seating or lying down but in your heart, your spirit in bowed down before The Lord.

True worship is also based on the application of the truth from the living word of God; the bible. The unveiling of the written word by The Holy Spirit now living within a restored soul brings peace, hope and faith. This reveals more of God’s goodness which causes more worship and adoration to rise up within the heart to God.

Now, you might be thinking, how can I become a ‘VIP Spirit and Truth Worshiper?’

  1. First do the above and become a ‘VIP Saved Soul.’

  2. Then schedule time to spend before the Lord in prayer, praise, worship and study of the bible daily.

  3. Have spontaneous times to praise, thank, adore and worship The Lord daily.

  4. At all times and in all circumstances, have a heart of thanksgiving.

  5. Trust God that He will bring you out victorious and above any negative situation.

Now the most exciting part of this is that you get to live like this and escape all the negativity around you in the world. In God there is indeed a happy place.

Now, I ask you:

  1. Are you ready to stop running from God and go from being a ‘VIP Lost Soul’ to being a ‘VIP Saved Soul’?

  2. Are you willing to start living a life of true worship as a ‘VIP Spirit and Truth worshiper’?

Then, let God find you.

If you made the decision to do the steps above take same time to share your story in the comments section below.

Know that we’re excited for you, as you start on this wonderful journey of a saved life.

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