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Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ and his team were in trouble. They were all stuck in a ship that was caught in the middle of a typhoon or hurricane. For many days they had not seen the sun, as the terrible storm raged around them. The wind had battered the ship till the ship’s own crew had thrown overboard the cargo and even the ship’s tackle. The men had not eaten any food in days and had given up all hope that they will be saved.

This event is recorded in the Bible in the book of Acts of The Apostle, Chapter 27.

Now, right in the middle of this life and death situation, Paul heard from God.

Paul had remained calm enough in his spirit that God was able to send an angel to him to talk to him and assure him that he and all the two hundred and seventy six other people on board were going to escape unharmed.

The angel told him as long as all the crew members stayed on board the ship that their life was going to be spared. They then cut off the life boat to prevent anyone from sneaking off the boat.

Paul then did something else. Paul did something that he knew a lot about. He gathered the men together and urged them to eat since not one hair will fall from their head.

He then took bread, gave thanks to God in the presence of all and broke it and began to eat. This act encouraged all the men and they all ate too. The very next day, they spotted land and they planned for the ship to run aground so they all were able to escape unto land. Indeed, just as the angel had said, not one life was lost. Glory to God!

Paul’s act of thanksgiving was an act of his faith. Faith that he believed that what God told him was going to come to pass even though he was literally still in the middle of the storm. Thanksgiving as an act of our worship is a demonstration of our belief in the power of God to deliver, to bring us out of any trouble and into a safe place.

Paul had tried to warn the men not to embark of the journey but they didn’t listen to him and were about to loose their lives because of their wrong judgment but God had mercy on them all.

Do you have a situation that looks beyond your control? Take some time and give thanks to God for his goodness in the middle of the situation.

Well you might say, “I don’t see any thing good in this situation.”

Hmm, let’s take a look at some reasons you have to thank God.

For the breath in your nostrils, give thanks.

For the strength in your body, give thanks.

For sound mind, give thanks.

For food on your table, give thanks.

For the ability to see the sky today, give thanks. Paul and the men on the ship didn’t see the sky for day’s during the hurricane.

Find something to give thanks to God for and you will discover, your miracle is just round the corner.

Today, may you encounter that life transforming miracle!

Stay encouraged, God is on your side.

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