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Three of the biggest questions in the heart of man are: “Who Am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What am I here for?”

Many people ponder these questions for years and come to the conclusion that it is impossible to genuinely and truly answer these questions. So, why bother? Just live life, eat drink and be merry.

But, the bible has answers to these questions, for within the bible are the words that show us who we are and what we are here for.

One of those bibles verses is;

Psalm 16:11 (NKJV)

11 You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Worship gives us an opportunity for God to show us the path(s) of our life.

Yes, there are paths, directions and an expected destination for our life.

Is it possible to know them? Yes it is!

The first time I experienced this was about a few months after I gave my life to Jesus and accepted Jesus as my Savior and my Lord.

I then received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gift from The Father with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

My excitement knew no bounds and I spent countless hours praying in tongues, singing and worshipping The Father.

On one of those occasions, I suddenly knew what I was to do next. This knowing was so clear in my heart, just as I knew what my name was.

What I knew within my heart was that: Some people were going to ask me to be one of the background singers in the making of an album, and that I should agree to be part of the team. Within a short time, the people contacted me and asked me to be part of the team and I agreed. Oh, how excited I was to actually be able to know the path my life was supposed to take at that time and to joyfully accept it. It was so much fun to watch it all unfold.

When we worship, truly worship and stay there long enough (hours, and hours) then we give The Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak to us the next path our lives should take.

This benefit of worship is so valuable and helps us avoid unnecessary time wasting and even wastage of a lifetime. This puts us ahead of the game. We already know how it’s gonna turn out and so we can rest peacefully and calmly enjoy life.

This road way of life, because it is God directed leads to sustenance for us, fulfillment, joy and peace within. It might not be without challenges as there might be things for us to overcome to enter fully into this pathway but we can be rest assured that it is God’s good path for us.

It really is in our best interest to spend time with the all wise and all knowing Father.

It will be a very profitable time, when we spend time worshipping and talking about the goodness of God, that goodness, begins to show up in our lives.

Take some time to sing to the Lord, always have a song in your heart.

Always look for and find a reason to dance before the Lord and to tell Him how magnificent and glorious He is in your life. Let Him be your audience of ONE.

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Enjoy The Day!

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