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God’s Plan VS Your Plan

A virgin will give birth to a Son

Matthew 1:23 TPT Translation

Listen! A virgin will be pregnant, she will give birth to a Son, and he will be known as “Emmanuel,” which means in Hebrew, “God became one of us.”

When you visit a country and you can speak the language of the people of that country it opens so much doors of favor unto you.

You are able to immediately connect with the peoples of that country. Some might laugh with you at the funny way you pronounce some words or be highly impressed at your accent.

Another means of connection is trying the foods of the people of that nation, especially some new animals, sea food or dishes.

You also build memories around the people you meet and take away with you the wonderful experiences of the trip.

Well, that is what Christmas is all about. A virgin becoming pregnant by the power of The Holy Spirit and giving birth to a son – The Son of God – God in the flesh. They named the son; Emmanuel which means “God became one of us.” How amazing is that, just think about that for a minute; God became like His creation; Man.

God came down to the earth and dwelt among us in the flesh, with all the joys and limitations of the flesh.

It might have looked like a demotion to set aside His glory and be ‘limited’ to the flesh, but The Father had a plan; that required the participation of The Son and Holy Spirit and willing people on the earth.

Joseph and Mary were such people.

The angel visited Joseph and Mary at separate times and with separate specific instructions, they both without hesitations said YES to the plan of God.

Now this plan was contrary to the path they had laid out for their lives.

This plan required they change their lives and accommodate a new plan

This plan included taking paths that most of their family members and friends might not have understood, but this was God’s plan for their lives and they embraced it with joy and passion.

Saves us from sin

Jesus, Joseph and Mary agreed to their part in The Father’s big plan of redemption and today, the whole world is benefiting from their obedience.

What is God calling you to do?

Are you willing to set aside your plan and take up God’s plan?

What will it cost you to obey God’s instructions?

As we celebrate Christmas this season, take some time to ponder on the specific instructions for the next phase in your life that The Lord might have been speaking to you about and ask yourself this question, ‘Am I willing and ready to set aside my plans and take up God’s plans?

Enjoy the Christmas season!

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